In 1975 the Murwillumbah Brothers Football Club committee held a General Meeting of club members to decide to purchase eight acres of vacant land situated at Dorothy St with the vision of developing the land in to football playing fields. The club had previously used the Murwillumbah Showground as it’s home ground, however were keen to establish their own ground and facilities. At the conclusion of the meeting, the members and the committee had decided to purchase the land and over the following years through voluntary labour, the help and support of several local businesses and the community, the playing field was laid. Soon after came dressing sheds, toilets and a canteen to cater for hungry supporters at the footy.

By the end of 1979 the field was fully prepared for use and regular training and competition games on the weekend commenced, culminating in the club hosting a Group 18 semi-final. The following year, in 1980, a General Meeting was again held to decide whether or not the club became fully incorporated and an application was made for a liquor license – which was subsequently granted in 1981. Training and competition fixtures continued until trading of the licensed club commenced in 1982, with the Brothers Junior Rugby League Football Club forming and making use of the ground and the facilities.

1989 and the years that followed were a pivotal era in the history of rugby league in Murwillumbah, with the disbanding of several local clubs including Old Boys, Brothers and South Murwillumbah. The decisions made for the progression of rugby league in our town resulted in the amalgamation of the playing groups and the formation of current NRRRL powerhouse the Murwillumbah Mustangs, who subsequently called Stan Sercombe Oval their home.

By the end of the 1990’s and with the Mustangs being the sole senior football club in town, the club decided to change the trading name of the licensed club to Murwillumbah Leagues Club, which remains to this day. In 1992, the Brothers Junior Rugby League Football Club decided they would follow the rationale of the senior club and amalgamated the junior teams in town and established the Murwillumbah Colts, with their headquarters at Dorothy St – where they also remain today.

Name Previous Role / Comments
Terry Twohill Former player and committee member
Noela Nunan Former President Ladies auxiliary committee
Bill Carroll Former Secretary, Treasurer, President and foundation Director
Percy Lawson Former player, committee member and foundation Director
David Stuart Former player, committee member and foundation Director
Lionel Alexander Former player, committee member and foundation Director, Chairman and Touch Football Coordinator
Kevin Twohill Former player, Secretary and Director
Beverley Hall President Ladies auxiliary committee and club cleaner
Kathy Hall Ladies auxiliary committee
Suzanne Biddulph Ladies auxiliary committee
Kathy Alexander Touch football coordinator
Wayne Thomas Former player and Director
Derek Brouwer Former player, coach and Directorr
Stephen Day Former player and Director
Peter Booth Former player, Secretary and Director

In Memorium

We would like to pay our respects to our fallen life members who made valuable contributions over the years to the Murwillumbah Leagues Club. Without their dedication to their roles and their devotion to our club, we would not be where we are today.

Name Previous Role / Comments
George McLeod Foundation football club President (1957)
Brian McDonald Former player and club President
Sylvie Staunton Former Secretary and foundation Director
Eric Woods Former committee member
Herb Taylor Former committee member and strapper
George Harris Former President and foundation Direction
Robert Graham Former player, committee member and foundation Director
Paul Reynolds Former player, committee member and Chairman
Molly Staunton Ladies auxiliary committee
Veronica Carroll Ladies auxiliary committee
Hazel Harris Ladies auxiliary committee
Bernard Conroy Committee member and Ladies auxiliary committee
Mavis Conroy Ladies auxiliary committee
Lance Boyd Former player, Chairman and Ladies auxiliary committee
Warren Hall Ladies auxiliary committee and club cleaner
Ken Brims Former Chairman and Director